Gathering Wild Sage

Got some excellent fresh sage today for smudge sticks. I use the ash in art and I ❤️ what it does for the studio. Nearly stepped on a snake, but it was a friendly one.

The Autumnal Prairie

All Shall Be Well

These gorgeous mammatus clouds greeted me this morning, Mother Earth showing her love for us. I was stuck by a verse from Julian of Norwich, the mystic anchoress of England, who wrote, “All shall be well. All shall be well. And all manner of things shall be well.”

The Little Things

When I walk in nature, I find beauty in the little things… seeds, cedar berries, broken chunks of rocks. Those tend to catch my eye and we begin a conversation of sorts. A quiet exchange to thank the Creator and each other. I love to fold these tiny things into my paintings, like wheat kernels, knowing each represents a miracle. A reminder, that small things well nurtured can become great one day.

Ad Astra Music Festival

Thank you Ad Astra Music Festival for the opportunity to talk about prairie earth elements and art during your evening of music, poetry, paintings and prose. The festival’s young artists sang the music of Franz Schubert. Schubert hosted his artist and philosopher friends at evening salons in 1820s Vienna. The evening replicated this tradition with the theme of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Wheat Harvest Underway

Hand foraged pigments

It is rattlesnake season, so I have to watch my step, but I found the most amazing lilac hued stones amid an outcropping of limestone and sandstone. I love grinding pigments and seeing what magic they produce on canvas. I used them to create Pale Moonlit Field.

The Beauty of Thunder


Rain on the semi arid prairie is a sight to behold, a time when one goes outside and gazes for long periods of time.

Cottonwood Ash Speaks to Renewal

Some branches off the Cottonwood tree recently fell in a storm, and I used their leaves and buds to make ash. Cottonwoods are said to whisper life’s answers to you, and are regarded as a sacred tree by indigenous people.

First Thunderstorm Arrives

It was an exceptionally cool spring this year, resulting in the latest start ever to the tornado season. The first severe weather outbreak came just today, May Day. I collected fresh rainwater from the towering thunderheads to use in paintings that honor the spirits of the sky and air.