The Blue Flower

Blue flowers are unique and rare, symbolizing a journey to discover ourselves. A longing to find our place in the world and find beauty in all things. My rendition has undulating stone texture with rust, rainwater, acrylic, oil stick and sea salt. It is smudged with cleansing wild sage. May it inspire peaceful meditation on love and life. Sold to an amazing family.

Full Moon

How lovely it is to wish upon a moon, to receive the grace of its light. The moon cycle reminds us we are never stuck, for life is always renewing. This minimal moon features an orb of heavy stone on canvas molded with organic grain to form hundreds of tiny craters. It has a Himalayan sea salt, generous layers of iron oxidized to rust, and the cleansing smoke of white sage. May it inspire you to gaze at nature’s wonders. Sold to an amazing couple in Colorado.

Happy Like a Zinnia

Zinnias are flowers of endurance. I like their style, bright and joyful in the face of searing summer heat. Because not much stops a zinnia, they were my flower of choice in my childhood gardening days. I couldn’t wait to see what colors the flower packets produced. This painting is a homage to simple pleasures. My rendition of a zinnia is made of very thick stone texture, oxidized iron, charcoal, limestone, a few rose petals and acrylic. May it inspire you to find the bright side in life.

Blue Moon

Growing up on the Kansas prairie strongly influenced my love of nature. Here it is so dark that the moon takes center stage amid a canopy of stars, inspiring wishes in the hushed silence. It inspired a new series of minimal moons featuring an orb of heavy stone on canvas molded with organic grain to form hundreds of tiny craters. I add a wee bit of purifying salt, oxidized iron and the cleansing smoke of white sage to inspire hopes and dreams.

The Land Beneath My Feet

Inspired by springtime on the American Prairie, this painting invites you to wander the greening land, connected to a thousand wild things. It is boldly formed, with handmade stone texture embedded with organic corn to mimic the undulating grassland. Every year, I collect wild sage from the pasture and this piece contains burnt ash, as well as earth pigment, iron oxidized to rust, ground limestone and acrylic. Together, the elements symbolize the land as a strong refuge. Sold to an amazing collector in California.

Fling Wide the Cloak

Each plains storm has its own personality. This is my rendition of a pale winter storm harnessing the power of the setting sun. It contains elements to balance Earth and Sky, including rainwater, limestone, natural pigments and topsoil. Inspired by a passage from celebrated Great Plains author Willa Cather, “The sun was like a great visiting presence that stimulated and took its due from all animal energy. When it flung wide its cloak and stepped down over the edge of the fields at evening, it left behind it a spent and exhausted world.” So pleased this piece went to a lovely couple in Arkansas.

Pale Moon Field

This painting is made entirely of limestone and sandstone from Russell County, Kansas. I painted in an antique grain sack. Today it sold to a beautiful couple for their new limestone house. It could not had found a better home. I am enormously grateful and hope it gives you much joy.


This was one of my favorite summer pieces, a homage to the lovely Kansas Prairie Coneflower. It now is with two fantastic collectors in Kansas.

Kansas Grainfield

So enormously happy that Kansas Grainfield is going to a wonderful collector in Kansas City. Congratulations on your new home and thank you for decorating with this piece.

Limitless Plain

Delivered Limitless Plain to a lovely mother and son duo in Kansas City this past weekend. I adore my fabulous collectors. I hope this painting will give your home much joy.