They Promised Her the Moon at McPherson College

A piece for the upcoming McPherson College show celebrating the women’s suffragette movement. It’s called They Promised Her the Moon. Inspired by my great grandmothers, who like many women, left home and journeyed West toward a new life. By day, women walk diverse paths, but at night we gaze at a common moon. A shared time to gather ourselves before beginning again. In honor of this sisterhood, I created a large moon of stone texture embedded with grain to represent growth. Rust to symbolize the fleeting nature of time and a glaze of Kansas quartz for love. It has the cleansing smoke of hand-gathered prairie sage to inspire wisdom on our path.

Full Moon

How lovely it is to wish upon a moon, to receive the grace of its light. The moon cycle reminds us we are never stuck, for life is always renewing. This minimal moon features an orb of heavy stone on canvas molded with organic grain to form hundreds of tiny craters. It has a Himalayan sea salt, generous layers of iron oxidized to rust, and the cleansing smoke of white sage. May it inspire you to gaze at nature’s wonders. Sold to an amazing couple in Colorado.

New Pieces at Kansas Earth & Sky Candle Company

If spring cleaning bites you with the decorating bug, please drop by the Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Company in Ellinwood for a new flower power painting lovingly made with earth materials.

The Winter Maker is at Strecker Nelson West Gallery

This piece is my rendition of an inky, October sky when the heavens part for an instant to allow the Orionids to rush toward the prairie land. The meteor shower is named for the Orion constellation, regarded by many as the Hunter. The Ojibwa people believe Orion is the Winter Maker, heralding a new season. Acrylic with iron oxidized to rust to symbolize the stars urging for us to prepare. Please inquire at Strecker Nelson West Gallery in Manhattan, KS.