All Hallow’s Moon

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The veil between the seen and unseen is said to be thin on All Hallow’s Eve, and what lies beyond is sensed. This moon represents the portal to the ethereal place between light and dark. Although the days are growing shorter since the autumn equinox, the descent toward the season of dark and contemplation accelerates now. To mark this moment, I created a stone moon with paint, grain, plant ash, rust and rainwater. It sat under the full Hunter moon, and was completed on All Hallows Eve, so the lunar energy fullness and darkness are contained within. The use of rust symbolizes the fleetingness of time and the elements of burnt sage and Indian grass embody the energy of hundreds of sun and moons. The separation of dark and light around the moon is a door, an invitation to step beyond. It is a strong moon for an intrepid and curious journeyer.