Moon of the Wise Woman

I call this painting Moon of the Wise Woman because it honors the last full moon of winter, the end of the dark season of the year. I painted it in the days leading to the full moon of March 2020, a super moon full of promise and an invitation to put into action what we have learned. The painting is a mysterious dark green-grey, like old slate covered with golden moss. To me, it looks like ancient stone that has endured through the ages. The color was created from the alchemical process of paint oxidizing with iron to create rust on weathered paint.

March coincides with the annual burning of the prairie, so I incorporated the ash of hand-gathered Indian grass, Eastern red cedar, field yarrow and prairie sage.  I was surprised in the end that the painting actually closely resembled the color of the dried yarrow, an ancient herb symbolizing healing, power and protection. The painting spent time in the elements under a strong Kansas wind to blend the drying rust organically.

May this moon inspire you to acknowledge the gift of wisdom and the promise it gives. SOLD to an amazing woman.