An American Quilt

I’m excited to show a collection of autumn earthy works with ceramic artist Barbara Jo Stevens beginning October 19 at the Hays Arts Council. Here’s a preview of one of my newest pieces, An American Quilt. This 13 section painting is my take on an American quilt, a quintessential staple of the pioneering life. My grandmother used to make quilts out of Depression era fabric and scraps. They are among my most cherished heirlooms, reflective of love and family.

My rendition has individual canvases fashioned with handmade stone texture imprinted with gathered grain, cedar and prairie grass. They are colored with acrylic, natural earth pigments, iron oxidized to rust, soil and other organic material. Each tile is unique and lifts up that particular earth element’s singular beauty. Collectively though, they symbolize the fabric of community. At such times, nature reminds us we are stronger together.