Gathering Wild Sage

Got some excellent fresh sage today for smudge sticks. I use the ash in art and I ❤️ what it does for the studio. Nearly stepped on a snake, but it was a friendly one.

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Moonrise over the Bones of the Earth

Moonrise over the Bones of the Earth invites you to wander timeless stones and bathe in solace-giving winds. It’s inspired by the vast limestone deposits of Kansas, evidence of an ancient ocean long gone. May it nudge you toward a place deeply rooted in age and wisdom. Features a spiral moonrise of stone hearkening to ancient petroglyphs, the symbol of eternity. With iron oxidized to rust, topsoil, charcoal and beeswax. 

Full Moon

How lovely it is to wish upon a moon, to receive the grace of its light. The moon cycle reminds us we are never stuck, for life is always renewing. This minimal moon features an orb of heavy stone on canvas molded with organic grain to form hundreds of tiny craters. It has a Himalayan sea salt, generous layers of iron oxidized to rust, and the cleansing smoke of white sage. May it inspire you to gaze at nature’s wonders. Sold to an amazing couple in Colorado.

Layers at Deines Cultural Center, Russell, KS

Opening Friday, June 21 from 5 to 7 PM is the Deines Cultural Center’s summer art exhibition, Layers, which features six artists from or currently living in Russell. The show includes acrylic, oil and mixed media paintings by Bill Farmer, David Friday, Angela Muller and Shannon Trevethan, bronze sculpture by Matt Lyczak and multimedia sculpture by Dustin Poche’. Layers will be on display in the Deines galleries from June 21 through August 16.


Tree Rings

Trees carry the memory of rainfall. In their rings we read ancient weather—storms, sunlight, and temperatures, the growing seasons of centuries. A forest shares a history, which each tree remembers even after it has been felled.   Anne Michaels

Tree rings are evidence a life well lived. Each ring represents a complete cycle of seasons in the tree’s life. Here you see a chronicle of nature, years of hardship and plenty written in concentric circles. My version pays homage to an ancient cottonwood that recently fell near Fossil Lake. For the first time, I could see inside its great trunk to the multitude of rings. My interpretation features layers of creamy hand-laid stone texture, acrylic, oxidized iron, plant material, charcoal and earth pigments. It has the ash of a fallen cottonwood leaf and smudged with cleansing white sage. May it remind you to live each day boldly.

Strecker Nelson West Gallery

Very excited to have three pieces at the Strecker-Nelson-West Gallery show entitled Golden Valley-Endless Skyway opening this Friday, June 14 at 5:00 pm. If you are in the Manhattan, KS area, please come see all the amazing prairie landscapes. The show is up until August.


Happy Like a Zinnia

Zinnias are flowers of endurance. I like their style, bright and joyful in the face of searing summer heat. Because not much stops a zinnia, they were my flower of choice in my childhood gardening days. I couldn’t wait to see what colors the flower packets produced. This painting is a homage to simple pleasures. My rendition of a zinnia is made of very thick stone texture, oxidized iron, charcoal, limestone, a few rose petals and acrylic. May it inspire you to find the bright side in life.

Night Thunder



The prairie produces the most thunder at night, a deep rumbling that rouses one from dreams. It moves from west to east, a powerful force rushing toward the dawn. Over the planted fields, and past the creeks and lakes, thunder brings rain on its wings to renew all things. The top painting pays homage to the thunder beings with very thick stone texture and generous portions of iron oxidized to rust to symbolize strength. The lower painting honors the plains, crops and plants. It too is thickly made with stone on canvas and embedded with hundreds of tiny hemp seeds. Other natural elements include Kansas salt, soil, ash and the cleansing smoke of plants.

Blue Moon

Growing up on the Kansas prairie strongly influenced my love of nature. Here it is so dark that the moon takes center stage amid a canopy of stars, inspiring wishes in the hushed silence. It inspired a new series of minimal moons featuring an orb of heavy stone on canvas molded with organic grain to form hundreds of tiny craters. I add a wee bit of purifying salt, oxidized iron and the cleansing smoke of white sage to inspire hopes and dreams.

The Spirit of the Night

An interpretation of the spirit of the night with flaming hair of dawn, the sun chasing the shadow. Night is a bold season, a time where shadows fall and we face our true self before giving way to the illumination. It is a brave period of reflection and aloneness. My rendition features thick stone texture embedded with tiny seeds on hardboard and has acrylic with strong layers of iron oxidized to rust. It is cleansed with the smoke of cedar.