Why I Use Gathered Sage

For Oculus Moon, I wanted to the painting to strongly embody earth elements. It is a piece that sees within you and dares you to dream. I was drawn to use prairie sage collected in late summer with buds of a full growing season. I gathered the sage and left thanks of cornmeal to the land spirits then dried it in smudge sticks. Here I am burning and rubbing the sage onto the stone texture. I then added layers of rust so it has a solid, grounding feel.

Celebrate Kansas Scenic Byways at the Birger Sandzen Gallery

So excited to be a part of this regional show that celebrates the beauty of Kansas Scenic Byways at the Birger Sandzen Gallery. My piece interprets the Post Rock Scenic Byway with an antique flour sack as the canvas and handmade stone paint with local slate and sandstone.