Where the Deer Run

I’m curious about deer. I often see them trod a familiar path to Fossil Lake, blending into the cedars as they move toward water. At dawn, they stand in the fallow field communing among the aged stalks of grain. When deer sense danger, silently, without word, they return to the thicket like wraiths. Rambling toward their safe place, hidden deep in the woods. This piece pays homage to that place of refuge, when it is no longer safe. It is constructed of darkened earth pigments surrounded by paths of handmade stone texture embedded with grain, along with oxidized iron, acrylic and prairie soil, eroded with stone. Together, the elements remind us retreat to our center when in need.

The Land Beneath My Feet

Inspired by springtime on the American Prairie, this painting invites you to wander the greening land, connected to a thousand wild things. It is boldly formed, with handmade stone texture embedded with organic corn to mimic the undulating grassland. Every year, I collect wild sage from the pasture and this piece contains burnt ash, as well as earth pigment, iron oxidized to rust, ground limestone and acrylic. Together, the elements symbolize the land as a strong refuge. Sold to an amazing collector in California.

Running Grass

This piece celebrates the shortgrass prairie. The root system of prairie plants are deep. Often with more biomass below than above, they preserve the soil, and in doing so, nature reminds us of the importance of inner strength. Made with stone texture and colored with earth pigments, iron, acrylic and the fresh ash of Eastern Red cedar.