The Autumnal Prairie

Turkey Tracks

A walk in the snow today revealed these turkey tracks and reminded me that winter is a time to slow down. The season often reveals things previously hidden to us.

Bird Totems

There is a lot of talk about spirit animals and how they can inspire us. For me, I pay attention when certain animals or birds cross my path and ask, “What do I need to know.” An occurrence I see often are large groupings of birds, such as these Canadian Geese, that swooped many times over my studio as I painted. The message received from nature often inspires my art.

All Shall Be Well

These gorgeous mammatus clouds greeted me this morning, Mother Earth showing her love for us. I was stuck by a verse from Julian of Norwich, the mystic anchoress of England, who wrote, “All shall be well. All shall be well. And all manner of things shall be well.”

Spirit of the Prairie Art Talk

Thank you to all the lovely people who attended the Spirit of the Prairie Art Talk at the gorgeous gallery of the Kansas Earth & Sky Candle Company in Ellinwood. I loved sharing why art with earth elements can help us reconnect to ancient earth wisdom and grow in community.