Wish Upon a Star

As we gaze upon the last full moon of the summer, I wanted to share a diptych to inspire wishful thinking. My rendition of the night sky is Charron blue on a canvas of handmade stone texture imbedded with prairie grass. The pale earth below basks in the glow of the stars, on a canvas with oxidized iron, earth pigments, acrylic and limestone. A piece to remind you that wishes are always in style. Sold to a lovely family in Kansas.

When the Grass Changes

If you ask me what the prairie’s most magical season is, I’d tell you it’s the onset of autumn. The time when the earth burns off an abundance of energy before resting. A grand opus to growth.

And for a glimpse, we are surrounded by that majesty. Tall Indian Grass inked in deep russet. Families of wild turkeys, deer and geese now grown. The crops come in. The storms are mature, not the loud clanking of spring, but soft, confident rains born of time. In autumn, nature reminds us the glorious world is worth celebrating.

This diptych is acrylic with earthen material, including limestone, rainwater, plant ash, charcoal and iron oxidized to rust. The limitless sky invites imagination while the prairie grass below grounds us.


The Celtic Wheel of the Year focuses on the change seasons. It is a reminder to pause and take stock of our life. The cross-quarter of late summer is Lughnasadh, a celebration of the early grain harvest. It is the first Gaelic harvest festival, a reminder that small things well nurtured mature into great things.

This diptych can be displayed horizontally or vertically. Summer’s brilliant white transitions to the fertile red field of harvest. Features handmade stone texture, acrylic topsoil, bits of limestone, remnants of prairie grass, red oxide and iron oxidized to rust. Surrounded by a weathered wood frame.

The North Wind

This is my rendition of the North Wind descending upon the prairie land. It is a transformative wind that teaches wisdom and whispers we are capable of great growth amid trials. Acrylic with rainwater, limestone and iron to symbolize courage. Sold to a lovely person in North Carolina.