Repurposing Paint Jars

This old Atlas mason jar holds paint water nicely and makes me smile. I think it came from a stash in my Great Grandmother’s home.

Prairie Teaches Resilience

I respect the prairie because tough things survive here, facing extremes and moving forward despite difficulties. Two days ago, it was 95 degrees and today this. At such times, nature teaches resilience.

The Winter Maker is at Strecker Nelson West Gallery

This piece is my rendition of an inky, October sky when the heavens part for an instant to allow the Orionids to rush toward the prairie land. The meteor shower is named for the Orion constellation, regarded by many as the Hunter. The Ojibwa people believe Orion is the Winter Maker, heralding a new season. Acrylic with iron oxidized to rust to symbolize the stars urging for us to prepare. Please inquire at Strecker Nelson West Gallery in Manhattan, KS.

Natural Grasses Disperse Paint

Little Blue Stem and other native grasses are a natural way to disperse paint and create texture.

49th Annual Smoky Hill Art Exhibition

I’m so honored to be a part of this juried show at the Hays Arts Council. One of my favorites – Behold, Spring has Come – will be on display April 27 until June 6.

Spring Snow Melt Yields Paint Water

It snowed last night on the prairie land and I woke up to 11 degrees. On a positive note, I was able to collect some fresh snow for a special painting. I find that earth elements invigorate pieces and add nature’s spirit.