Snow Laden Cedars

I love these snow laden Eastern Red Cedars, the result of a blizzard exiting western Kansas. Amid the swirling north wind and white out conditions, they remind us to be still and enjoy beauty around us in all its forms.

A Bespoke Painting of Earth and Stone

I was commissioned to create a Wolf Moon painting for a special person with an affinity for wolf spirits. This closeup of the finished work details hand-made stone texture combined with acrylic and earth elements, including iron, limestone, ash and freshly collected snow. I frequently work with plants and was inspired to lend the painting the smoke and resin of the Pinon Pine. It will soon be in the hands of its collector in the West Coast.

Snow Comes to the Prairie Land

Wolf Moon

Born deep in the crevice of the winter sky, the Wolf Moon is the first full moon of the new year, ushering in choice. It challenges us to persevere in the face of difficulty. I used handmade stone texture to sculpt a river of milky ice flowing around the moon to symbolize the progression of time. Acrylic with iron oxidized to rust indicates impermanence. Eastern red cedar ash represents eternity amid trials. Layers of paint, snowmelt, stone and earth pigment lend an appearance of fossilized limestone bathed under cold moonlight. 12×16 on birch cradleboard