The Guardian

I love ancient art that hearkens to a time of our ancestors and their sacred symbols. I call this piece The Guide, my homage to petroglyphs. Using the same technique, I carved this image on stone texture to represent the spirit of those who wish to guide us. Acrylic with iron oxidized to rust. This piece is winging its way to a new collector in Virginia just in time for the Winter Solstice.

Prairie in Midwinter

This piece celebrates the prairie land in midwinter, a time when fragile daylight gently embraces the dark fallow soil. Nature’s quiet encourages reflection and rest. Acrylic with handmade texture, ground prairie gypsum and limestone, topsoil, rainwater, iron and earth pigments to inspire grounding. 24×24

Painting the Prairie

Thank you Hays Daily News for writing about my prairie paintings.

Night of the Cold Moon

Night of the Cold Moon, 12×12. This painting honors the pale light shed by the December full moon, the Cold Moon. It marks the dark time of the year, a period of quiet and introspection. Painted with acrylic and earthen material, including natural pigment, limestone and soil. I included cedar ash to symbolize eternity amid trials, as cedars are the prairie’s evergreen. This piece is on its way to a collector in Oklahoma.

Deep are the Winter Roots

Prairie plants have massive root systems that extend deep into the soil because they must survive some of the harshest conditions on earth. This piece honors that which anchors us through difficult times. With iron oxidized to rust and Cottonwood ash to inspire perseverance. 8×8